Concerto Dance by Jolene Konkel is a technical movement company rooted in the traditions of classical jazz and modern dance seeking to create vibrant concert dance driven by athleticism and musicality in a context of community and hope.

We Value...
  • Technical excellence, drawing upon and expanding codified American dance forms across the genres of jazz and modern dance.​​

  • Work that seeks to open a door to the human spirit, strengthen and uplift hearts and minds, and connect communities.

  • Engaging a broad audience through artistically compelling and entertaining concert dance.

  • The transformative power of dance to communicate across cultures and barriers.


Why "Concerto"?


Concerto in origin is simply the word for "concert", depicting our mission to bring concert dance works to the stage. 


Leonard Bernstein describes this concept of "concerto", or concert in it's original context of music as meaning the "togetherness" of the orchestra. Believing we are better together, Concerto Dance seeks togetherness in building connections with each other and the community.


The word concerto has evolved to identify a specific musical form characterized by the virtuosity and technical skill of the musicians. This embodies our aim to cultivate virtuosic performers expressing technical and artistic excellence through work that draws upon and expands rooted codified forms of movement to express the vibrant and compelling nature of musicality.




Sherisa Oie

Christa Anderson

Greg Silker

Concerto Dance by Jolene Konkel

is housed at Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory

15102 Minnetonka Industrial Rd, Minnetonka, MN 55345

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