Why "Concerto"?
Concerto in origin is simply "concert", depicting the companies
mission to bring concert dance works to the stage. 
A "concerto", or concert, in the context of music has been explained by
Leonard Bernstein as meaning the "togetherness" of the orchestra.
Believing we are better together, Concerto Dance by Jolene Konkel seeks togetherness 
in building connections with each other and the community.
Although the word concerto has come to be known as a specific form of music,
it embodies our aim as Concerto Dance  to cultivate virtuosic performers expressing 
technical and artistic excellence,  and our our desire to draw upon and expand rooted codified forms of movement to express the  vibrant and compelling nature of musicality.




Sherisa Oie

Christa Anderson

Greg Silker

Concerto Dance by Jolene Konkel

is housed at Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory

15102 Minnetonka Industrial Rd, Minnetonka, MN 55345

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